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character page: Feilex Wright by Core1948 character page: Feilex Wright :iconcore1948:Core1948 0 0 Cubes big and small by Core1948 Cubes big and small :iconcore1948:Core1948 1 5 Cube 2 by Core1948 Cube 2 :iconcore1948:Core1948 0 0 Cube 1 by Core1948 Cube 1 :iconcore1948:Core1948 0 0 Moster plants by Core1948 Moster plants :iconcore1948:Core1948 1 0


My Alien Girlfriend (Chapter 17)
“Dude, I’m really not buying it.” Calvin muttered.
“I’m telling you, it’s the truth! You saw the alien for yourself. You know what they look like and what they’re capable of.” I argued. I was back at the Ministry house with Calvin after classes had all let out. During lunch with Aaron, I’d refrained from talking too much about Yumi…I wanted a second opinion on my theory that, just maybe, Aaron had fallen victim to some mind control ability. Calvin was just shaking his head.
“I saw an alien, yes…but mind control? When did Aaron even interact with one? If you’ll recall, the one I saw was the one I shot at….saving your ass, mind you.” Calvin added as he took a swig from his beer can and then shuddering at the taste.
“Dude, why drink beer if you don’t like the taste?” I asked, curiously.
“Gotta stay properly fueled for tonight.” He laughed. “The lacrosse guys and I
:icongabrielraven:GabrielRaven 13 20
Silver Lining of Knowledge (Human Dragoness TF/TG)
Rolling his broad, muscular shoulders backwards as the gentle nip of the springtime breeze sent shivers down his spine, Arthur stood on the paved sidewalk, looking up and down the sloped road as he sipped on his coffee. The cafes here in this European town were pretty spectacular, with a well furnished, rustic feel to their interior and a quality to their beverages that made them seem authentic. Like they were made with care. It warmed his chest as the rich, bitter taste flowed down his throat, letting out a gentle sigh with each one as he continued to look up and down the street.
To the passing person, it was clear he was a tourist of some sort, from his unnatural, more casual clothing and the small backpack fixed around his shoulders, filled with some small travel essentials. Water, food, money and souvenirs. Well, no souvenirs yet, but he was working on that. His eyes continued to scan the road, finally beginning to step down the hill towards the collection of roadside stores.
To sa
:iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 39 13
[best gender swap movie] Kimi no Na wa
Just watched this movie.......     If you love gender swapping as I do watch it. WATCH IT
This is a gender swap movie done the most right.  the most right thing ive ever seen!!!
:iconrailgun04:Railgun04 6 19
Factory Inspector by Vanron Factory Inspector :iconvanron:Vanron 23 15 Sadie by Koimii
Mature content
Sadie :iconkoimii:Koimii 157 8
excusemee by teranen excusemee :iconteranen:teranen 598 44
Neil woke up with sticky hands and a headache. He focused his eyes enough to see the dried blood on his fingers and feel more of it clotted in his hair. The room was nearly upside-down. Metal, with flashing lights that made his skull throb.
The lifepod!
He cursed, sat up, and blacked out for a moment. He was on the ceiling of a lifepod from the Titan, and it was bobbing on the waves of an alien sea.
He'd been briefed on emergency procedures, but had assumed that his role in an emergency would be to stay out of the way. There wasn't much middle ground in space between problems the bridge crew could handle, and those that'd kill everyone. As a junior life support tech on a thousand-man ship he'd never expected to survive a disaster and end up... wherever this was.
Dimly, he recalled his few years of training. He muttered, "What's the first thing that could kill me?"
He poked at his head and winced, but there was no bright new blood on his fingers. All his limbs were where they oug
:iconkschnee:KSchnee 4 3
Wraith TG Sketch Animation by AkuOreo Wraith TG Sketch Animation :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 252 19 Chroma Shift: FenrisCo Girl Donovan Weakened by AkuOreo Chroma Shift: FenrisCo Girl Donovan Weakened :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 58 1 President Perfect by TG-Caps President Perfect :icontg-caps:TG-Caps 89 3 (TG- Story) The Epic of Maximus Romulus VII by candcgenii
Mature content
(TG- Story) The Epic of Maximus Romulus VII :iconcandcgenii:candcgenii 48 9
Sela Flower Haven [REDUX]
Today, I decided to visit the Farmer's Market. It's not exactly a hobby of mine, and I don't do it too often, but it's an annual thing, and there are quite a few interesting souvenirs besides the fresh greens. The novelty was tempting, and I felt it was worth a look. There were various stalls and tents scattered about the area. Some of them selling their homemade snacks or drinks, and a few of them seemed to be advertising for a larger company boasting organic goods. There were two of these stalls that caught my eye. One of them sold some tasty sauce, so I bought a bottle of that. The other... it was a black tent, with a purple, cursive logo reading "Sela Flower Haven". Running the stall was a... gorgeous woman. Her blonde, wavy hair looked so voluminous, and in it, she wore a crisp, fresh rose. The stall had a few things there; Some drinks, a few greens, and several bouquets of various flowers.
"Hello!" She called out, seeming to notice my attention.
"Ah!" I jumped a bit. "I'm sorry.
:iconnero-the-lime:Nero-The-Lime 4 3
Trans-Isle is BACK and BRAND NEW! [RP/COLLAB]
Welcome to Trans-Isle! The new reality competition show featuring all kinds of transformation challenges! It is hosted by everyone's favorite Snow Leopard Nafster! The event will be "filmed" every Saturday evening! In order to participate, you must make a character sheet (linked later) and have Discord installed and ready to use! There is going to be a limited amount of slots for this, and the people chosen are not first come first serve. It will be chosen from the list as to who will compete in the first season and not. It is also required to be available on Saturdays as all need to be present unless eliminated, and this will be around 5 PM PST each Saturday. This will be done as a DnD-esc game. If you are interested, fill out a character sheet and comment below! 
Contestants will be split up into groups after the leader is determined and participate in various challenges. The winning team will be free from elimin
:iconvinomath:Vinomath 8 68
The Life of Tiamat, the Beast of Calamity
The life I begin was a dark and narrow path that leads to destruction and death, all who were against me was crushed and devoured. I can remember the day when I made a pact with a complicated wizard who held a great darkness in his heart, to which his darkness had affected me to become a much savage monster. I had no sense of self and easily follow the wizard command, draining the mana's of every living creatures around me to become stronger, while also devouring all kinds of being at the same time. I grow and change repeatedly so many times over, till at least I had a sense of 'self' and began to grew more evil with each act of evil from battle. I soon began to even grow strong enough to go against my master command's, devouring the very people he was supposed to protect within the kingdom. It sicken me to see his face every time; he acted that he wanted only love, yet in his heart he truly desired the throne to the kingdom to rule both the people an
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 6 2
Fans Choose the TF!: MinosReturned p4 by AkuOreo Fans Choose the TF!: MinosReturned p4 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 161 91
The Resort (Double Meowstic TF/TG)
A small, sleek white ferry drifted slowly across the calm waters of the sea, the mainland seen far in the distance behind them, touching the horizon with a tint of blended green. Upon the small ship, the section open to the air sheltered by a black, plastic ceiling were two passengers. A young man, on one side of the ship, leaning on the metal rail, looking out to the deep blue sea and a young lady, seated in a chair on the opposite side of the ship, a game console in her hand as she peered through her glasses, pressing buttons with a detached, emotionless expression upon her face.
The man’s short brown hair ruffled in the sea breeze, watching the water crash and foam upon itself, breathing slowly before his eyes glanced over to the lady in the chair, his shoulders sagging ever so slightly as he shook his head, rubbing the light layer of stubble on his chin before slowly stepping over. He was an average guy, taller than some with a lean build. His shoulders were broad but his arm
:iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 28 6



character page: Feilex Wright
Name: Feilex Wright

Age: 20

Species: Anthro wolf_biomechanical

Reference Picture/Description: 6ft 8in, runner’s build, blue glowing eyes, right arm is mechanical; is used as repair system

C: Craftiness 5
A: Agility 7
L: Luck 7
E: Endurance 4
S: Strength 1
I: Intelligence 6
P: Perception 5

Character Traits:
smart and fast
Great trap maker
Team player

“shoot first ask questions later” in fast paced instantcess
Calm under pressure
kind/ helpful
Just got a suit for my cousin's wedding.
Well. My day is now complete sh!t.
I was going to be in Nyc today but 5 mins into the car ride and I threw up. Great day so far.
I am joining a contest being run by LupusScriptor, a great writer.
I am joining a contest being run by LupusScriptor, a great writer.


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meh.... Ilike mechs and plants.... meh.


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