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Nanobots TG 01 :iconcaptaincaption:CaptainCaption 121 2
Leviathan's Rise TG :iconcaptaincaption:CaptainCaption 169 4 Wild West TG :iconcaptaincaption:CaptainCaption 121 4
The Sleepover
God, I still hate what happened to this day! I don't care if was a month ago, I don't care if it's been all of my life! What happened will never be gone from my mind. Ever since my best friend, Micheal, came to spend the night at my house, it's kind of been hell. Well, for me anyways, he's (she's, I guess...) off enjoying his (her) new body. And for me? Well, I just absolutely hate it! I mean, you have no idea what a pain in the arse being a girl can be... Let me tell ya, it's bad enough that I have breasts, I'm a foot shorter and not to mention I don't have... Let's just leave off there and say I'm a girl girl.
It was a Friday in December, me and Micheal had been planning this sleep over for a few days now. He had just gotten this new game for Xbox and he wanted to bring it over to show me how awesome it was. School, well, it was probably one of the longest days in my life, anticipating the sheer awesomeness that Micheal explained. After that last bell rang, I ran home. I came home 10
:icontg-timmy:TG-Timmy 235 75
Curiosity Killed the Cats
"Alright, champ, I hope you'll stay out of trouble!" Max's dad called out as he walked out of the front door. "We'll call you when we get there!"
"There's a pantry and a freezer full of food for you, honey!" His mom called out as she called upstairs. "Bye!"
"Bye!" Max called from the top level of the stairs. The door closed shut and his parents were gone.
    Finally, Max had the house to himself for a full weekend! His parents were gone for a vacation to themselves since his dad had gotten hurt on a recent mission. His dad worked in the CIA, so he took advantages of those benefits that the government gave him.
    Max went over to his phone and called some of his friends, asking them if they wanted to come over to his house.
"Yea, I have the house to myself! We can be as loud as we want and... Well, pretty much no other rule!" He explained.
"Cool! We'll be right over!" His friend exclaimed over the phone in excitement.
:icontg-timmy:TG-Timmy 186 42
Spell Casting 101
    Max and Thomas went to a Wizard's College. They, like most other mages, practiced the arts of sorcery and kept their powers incognito to the rest of the world. However, they were mere Apprentices; starters of magic. But it was a given. They hadn't been there for very long, anyways. They were excellent students, though. Even some of the higher leveled mages acknowledged them around the campus!
    It was a typical day at school and both of them were in the library, studying basic level spells for a test next week. It wasn't boring, it was the fact of practicing the spell's name to perfect it and cast it flawlessly.
"Alright... Thomas, I'm going to go check these out. I suppose you can stay here and... well, just stay there." Max took the mass of books and waddled over to the librarian's desk. Thomas was sitting at the table, playing with his medallion he'd gotten at the school. Apparently, the metal was too heavy to be swung around on a weak p
:icontg-timmy:TG-Timmy 137 9
The Seance
Elliot, George, Leo and Alexander were starting a seance. They were huge paranormal buffs and loved learning everything about the supernatural so they arranged a sleepover at Elliot's house and started a seance.
Elliot leaned forward hastily.
"Listen guys if we mess this up, spirit's won't come ok?"
The rest of the group nod and the hold hands and chant and with that a bolt of light comes crashing onto the floor, the first spirit was summoned. The wait in silence for the spirit but then something much more strange happens to Elliot, his hair starts growing.
"Uhmm Elliot?" Alex said
"Y-your hair.."
Elliot touched his head and felt his hair growing abnormally fast.
"Guys whats going on!?"
Then he notices to big bulges growing on his chest suddenly two large breasts burst out his his pajama shirt.
The others back away slowly as Elliot's hips and thighs start to tear through his clothes as they widen. As Elliot screams the others notice that his screams get more and more high pitch
:icondarklordyuma:DarkLordYuma 85 4
Game On
   “Dude, this game is going to be so epic.”  
   “I know, right?”
   My friend, Tony, and I are waiting in line at Gamestop for what would probably be the game of the year, “SimUall”.  I made extra sure to take the weekend off of my job so I could play this as much as I liked.  Tony nudged me in the arm, “Max, dude, I can’t believe we’re the first people in line.”  “I’m here with you, man,” I reply, “There has to be at least a hundred people behind us.”
   A few minutes later, the store clerk opens up the door and everyone streams in.  I get to cashier first.  She looks at me and smiles, “Hello sir, how may I help you?”  I get my receipt out and say, “Yeah, I’d like to get my preordered copy of SimUlife.” “Coming right up sir.”  She then reaches behind the counter and hands me
:icondafttruth:DaftTruth 266 25
Party Hardy!
   “Hey, man, you sure they’d let us in?”
   “Sure, why not?  They probably forget that they’re invited when they’re drunk, anyway.”
   My friend, Ted, and I are earnestly arguing about the ongoing party at the craziest frat house on campus.  At this time, it’s already packed.
   “C’mon man,” Ted begs, “We’re losers enough as it is.  The worse that can happen is us being kicked out.”  I think it over.  “Okay,” I concede, “But if I get a hangover, I’m blaming you.”
   We walk inside the house, and I already start to wonder if we left society.  There’s guys hitting on girls, girls hitting on guys, heck, there’s even girls hitting on girls.  I pass by one dude pushing another, a guy hanging from the ceiling, and I’m pretty sure I saw a rabbit eating on a pizza slice.
:icondafttruth:DaftTruth 281 11
The Silver Dragon Girl :iconevon-adaunt:Evon-Adaunt 23 33
The Origin of the Beast of Calamity
The story begin long before the time of mankind, stretching far from the Milky Way Galaxy into a distant, dying planet form another galaxy. On this barren world of sand, the world used to be cover with vivid wildlife's and large sea of water, yet now portion of the dead world has one it's three moons smashing unto it surface. The world were once rule by a race of ancient and spiritual beings who names has been forgotten since the birth of the universe. Though few in numbers, they have study for millennium to used the energies of the spiritual plane and thus gave birth to what is known as 'magic'. Mastering their powers, they have created over thousand of different elements and enchantments, their people would be known by all other races as the most wisest being's in the universe. As they keep on discovering new kinds of magic, they write down on their sacred book known the "Grimoire" so that people could learn how to make a sp
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 3 3
Hush Up And Jam (Lola Bunny Head-Swap TG)
Chapter 1: Monkey In A Strange Place
It was a pretty uneventful day at the science lab. You'd think the life of a mad scientist who is also a monkey-human hybrid would be all excitement and transformations. Well, some days it is and some days it isn't. In fact, the most that was going on today was me cleaning up around the lab. In fact, I thought that would be the most exciting thing that happened today, little did I know how wrong I was.
I swept up various broken beakers and spilled chemicals. Luckily, my broom was transformation-proof, so I didn't have to worry about it turning into a giant monster or something. Using the broom, I swept up after the experiments of this week. As I did so, I heard some odd sputtering nearby. "Huh?" I walked over to a nearby wall-mounted sink, which seemed to be where the sputtering was coming from.
I bent over and looked down into the hole, yet found nothing out of the ordinary. How strange, but this was definitely where the sound was coming from. I ro
:iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 32 17
TF High 53
TF High Chapter 53: Accepting circumstances.
                “URG! I’m so bored!” Tessa complained as she sat on the couch. “Sorry Tessa, I promised you parents I wouldn’t let you play outside in the rain.” Lucy replied as she sat watching a kids movie with the young vixen transformee and her fox-like canine transformee twin. “There’s been nothing to do without Nelly around…I really miss her.” Lilly remarked  “Yeah I bet you both do. Well…what did Nelly normally do with you on days like this?“ Lucy asked. “Movies, board games, video games, tell stories, have us help bake cookies…whatever she could think of doing.” Tessa replied. “But that’s what I’ve been trying to do with you both all day.” Lucy retorted. “It’s different when Nelly does it...I wish she’d call…it
:iconmuchgum:muchgum 6 19
A body, two souls and a fluffy tail part. 1
Somewhere, in a normal classroom, a normal class starts, it was a Tuesday morning and the time was warm for the season in this little Canadian city. Despite the fact the students barely come back from their vacation there was a cheery atmosphere, the teens were telling each other happy new year and compare their gift, completely normal… well almost. In this class there was one boy named Jeff not fitting the perfectly normal sense, sure from outside he look like all the others, bushy brown hairs, in average height, wearing glasses, brown hair, he didn't get lot of friend because he had some… let say personal reasons to stay away from the other, but in his closest friend there was Zoey the school female athlete idol.
"Hey, how was your vacation this year Jeff?" ask Zoey to Jeff who sited at his desk
"No much Zoe" he answer using her nickname "The usual, family party at my house, I didn't receive too much gift most was money I might spend on games"
Jeff was living in an old
:iconfoxpower93:Foxpower93 178 171
Life of a Dratini 3
“YAAAAA!!” The little girl screamed as she suddenly charged forward, surprising the Vibrava with her sudden aggression. Lightning sizzled through the area, originating from the wings at the side of her head.
However, Vibrava being a ground type, it simply ignored the girl’s Thunder Wave attack. Instead, it flew upwards, momentarily lifting the girl off the ground, before managing to shake her off. Now at range, it drew its breath and then exhaled towards the girl, sending a shimmering, orange wave towards the girl.
“KYAA!” She screamed and frantically began rubbing her arms and legs, trying to get rid of the burning feeling. The ribbon bound around her waist actually caught fire and she quickly dashed sideways with her Aqua Jet to douse the flames. Instantly afterwards she dashed forward once more and used a boulder sticking from the battlefield as leverage to jump upwards and attack the Vibrava. “Thunda!” She screamed as she latched onto her o
:icongobbokilla:GobboKilla 13 7
Life of a Dratini 2
The next morning he awoke later than usual, due to the long time he had spent awake during the night, playing with the little girl. When he turned around to look across the dead campfire, he noticed that Charlotte was still asleep. A soft smirk on his face, he set out to rekindle the fire so he could brew a small pot of coffee. Additionally he roasted some toast on a stick to go with the coffee. Only when everything was ready, he gently shook Charlotte to wake her up.
“Wha… where am I…?” She muttered.
“Good morning to you too.” He said and grinned broadly. “The sun’s up for a while already. You didn’t plan on sleeping through the entire day, did you?”
Charlotte grumbled something unintelligible and slowly crawled out of her bedroll. “Don’t look.” She said and glared at him.
“Hai, hai.” He smirked and turned around to watch the toast. After a few moments, a groggy Charlotte joined him and quietly t
:icongobbokilla:GobboKilla 9 21




I was going to be in Nyc today but 5 mins into the car ride and I threw up. Great day so far.
I am joining a contest being run by LupusScriptor, a great writer.
Feeling: like shit
Doing: nothing
Likes: .
Hates: particular people
20 more f***ing miles then i can go to bed at home. I need a vacation from the drive home from vacation.
I am joining a contest being run by LupusScriptor, a great writer.


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meh.... Ilike mechs and plants.... meh.


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